ProCreate Workshop Finished

I only had about 6 people come to my ProCreate Workshop at a local Senior Center today. Only one person actually had an iPad with the ProCreate app loaded. But, it was fun none the less.

I handed out an outline and had the members of the group think through the next steps of creating a multi-layered image. They learned how to merge the layers, edit the drawing, upload it to their photo album, and even upload it to I showed them how to turn their art into photos, fabric, or other forms of displayable art. I had several examples of my fabric designs in different formats. It was fun for me, and educational for them. Several people expressed gratitude afterward for my efforts, and they could appreciate the complexity of the app.

The ones who weren’t interested in the app, drew my portrait. Here are the results of their efforts. I love the one with purple hair. You can see me pointing to the iPad, and the TV screen behind where I was streaming what I drew.

I drew a picture of an aluminum tree while I demonstrated the multitude of aspects of the ProCreate app. I’ll make more changes, but I think it came out rather fun for a first draft surface design.

Aluminum Christmas Tree Surface design