The Star of My Workshop

Fabric Art design that will help me demonstrate the attributes of the drawing app ProCreate

This is the image I will use to teach the basic features of an Apple drawing app called ProCreate. My workshop will be on December 17th, 10-11:30am, at the Highland Senior Center here in Albuquerque. The flyer has gone out to all local Senior Centers, and I’ve shared the information with the Studio Art Quilter’s Association. Several of them have expressed interest.

I have left this drawing in its separate layers. I plan to walk participants through the steps I’ve learned from long practice. In the end, the participants will have made a drawing in different layers, and learned how to use the main tools. They will merge those layers, then share the image to their photo app. From the photo app, they can upload it to any number of printing options, including a surface design on fabric through I should have the fabric version of this drawing by the time of the class.

To me, there is nothing more exciting than sharing something I’ve learned so others can learn to enjoy it too. This ProCreate app, in the hands of people far more creative than I am, could become a powerful tool for expressing their inner muse.