One Day Left to Vote

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I’ve never been able to master the art of skateboarding or surfing. Growing up in California, I did master the art of body surfing. What a great experience to see a wave coming, start to swim, then catch that curl just right to let it bring you in to shore.

What a fright to catch it wrong and be tumbled so you don’t know which way is up; or catch it too high and get slammed into the sand. It all brings meaning to the idea of “riding the wave.” Life is just like that. Sometimes, you catch it right.

In my mind, surfing was about recreation only. And for that reason, I wasn’t going to put any effort into this design. I thought, there were too many more important things to be doing or thinking about right now. Then my brain put meaning and recreation together and came up with this design.

I call it “Lg. Surf with a Purpose,” by DulciArt,LLC

I am restricted from active participation in rallies, protests, and physically being a part of these noble efforts due to the need to be a caregiver to my husband. So, this is the best I can do right now. I can send a message through my art. I hope those of you who can, will peacefully, and safely make your voices heard on causes that are near and dear to your heart. I also vote with these causes in mind. The Earth needs us more than ever, to make significant changes in how we use our resources.

To that end, I am proud that is a company that uses environmentally sound dyeing techniques, and has even introduced recycled fabric.

As always, I am very grateful when you cast a vote for my design. There are so many delightful images to choose from. Voting on this challenge ends tomorrow. Please take a few moments and enjoy!