Cryptozoology Challenge

I’d never heard of this word till published it in their current challenge. Simply put, it is something to describe an animal or being of mythical origin. Their example was the Sasquatch, or Lock Ness Monster. So, I chose my favorite Celtic mythical image of life, death, rebirth, renewal, poetry and song; the Green Man & Woman.

Lg. Romancing the Green Man/Woman

This design was inspired by a little dresser I picked up at a yard sale for $5.00 years ago. It had been badly abused so could not be varnished. Naturally, I painted it.

Part of this was inspired by the fact that my husband’s birthday is in December, and mine is in May.

It’s interesting to me how often inspiration simply comes, and other times, it must be cajoled, nurtured, ruminated upon. From start to finish, this dresser was only about a week in the re-making. And, it continues to give good service, both as inspiration for today’s challenge offering, and to brighten my every morning.

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Here’s how it looks in the repeated version.