Fabric Art Gallery

Thread-painting is done on a sewing machine using a special foot for free motion sewing, and an artistic eye. It is not “embroidered” by a computerized machine. The designs take hours to complete with layers of thread colors. Some of these items are for sale at the price listed below each photo. Please see the page on How Thread-Painting is done. My Billy Bob project will show you the steps.

Road to Durango: short sleeved kimono with thread-painted Red Tailed Hawk on the back. Pockets are hidden inside both front panels. Completed by Sharon Eastvold on 6-31-2018. Copyright 2018. I think this could work as a “special accent wardrobe” piece, or a wall hanging. $498.18 plus tax, shipping and handling.

Ready for Take-Off is a long sleeved, fully lined kimono, with pockets on the inside panels. Completed by Sharon Eastvold on 5-11-2018. Copyright 2018. This thread-painting has multiple layers under lamé giving the effect of water under the bird. Clear glass beads have been added around the feet for the effect of water droplets as the bird takes off. This piece took 36 hours to create due to all the details. Sale price is $773.93 plus tax, shipping and handling.