DulciArt Blog Post going Dark

It’s a crazy world these days. I’ve enjoyed posting my art and thoughts in this platform. But, the cost is not justifying the return. As of May 25th, this site will go dark. I will focus on my fabric art, and more tangible means of promoting my efforts.

A small light house I did years ago to represent the guiding light toward a different shore.

I am not a marketer. Nor am I interested in spending the hours to learn the nuances of this platform. As my husband and I negotiate the path toward downsizing, and simplifying what remains of our life together, I hope to focus entirely on my art and music. I will find a gallery, art fair, or event where I can share my work.

I’m also nearing the completion of an ebook. It may never get past my husband’s review, if I decide to have him read it. (It’s the first book I’ve actually started, written and brought to an ending. Now I’m just adding more depth and details.) But perhaps I will continue to write in an ebook format on other topics once this one is complete. Self publishing is much easier these days.

So, I close with the deepest of gratitude to those of you who have followed my musings and given me a “like” for my efforts. My very best wishes for your efforts to put your art into the world and have it appreciated on many levels. May the world nurture your creative powers and bring you to an elevated place of awareness in the process.